Saturday, June 4, 2016

Try another sample from The Best of Out of the Box

Want to try another sample from The Best of Out of the Box?  Here you go.

Out of the Box 78

Online All the Time

Follow these clues to people, names, and businesses of our digital world. Log on and have some fun. The answers are certified to be virus free.


Fishing, basketball, or cargo still life: Netscape

Now let those network protocols in your creativity center help you solve the rest of these.
Grass cutter's casual report of completed work for multiple yards:

Invoice entrances:
Postal service between D and F:
Casting and retrieving:
Ship's official record atop something:
Transfer a language unit:
Future location of arachnid dwelling:
Second vowel's harbor:
Partitioned building space for informal conversation:
Merchandise deficient in hardness:

Don't give up too soon, but when you are ready, follow this link to the answers.

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